Bullet Measurement Reference


FB: Flat Base

High BC FB: High BC Flat Base

BR Column: Bench Rest Flat Base

BT: Boat Tail

Long Range BT/Juggernaut: Long Range Boat Tail

VLD: Very Low Drag

Hybrid: Combination Secant and Tangent Ogive

LR Hybrid: Long Range Hybrid

AR Hybrid/Classic Hunter: Short Nose Hybrid (for magazine feeding)

Elite Hunter: Long Nose Hunting Hybrid

OTM: Open Tip Match


Cal (Dia): This is the bullet caliber and (diameter in inches).

OAL: Overall Length.

Boat Tail: Length of the boat tail, excluding the heal.

Nose Length: From the front of bearing surface to the bullet tip.

Base To Ogive: From the bullet base to the point on the nose which contacts the riflings at the bore diameter.

Bearing Surface: Length of the full diameter portion of the bullet.


SD: Sectional Density, an indicator of penetration.

G1 BC: The Ballistic Coefficient referenced to the G1 standard. Use this BC for flat base bullets.

G7 BC: The Ballistic Coefficient referenced to the G7 standard. Use this BC for boat tail bullets.

G7 Form Factor: The drag of the bullet compared to the G7 standard. Lower form factor means lower drag. Form factors close to 1.0 are average. Bullets with form factors below 1.0 will have high BCs for their weight, and will perform better at long range.

Minimum Twist: Minimum twist will enable you to shoot good groups but you may experience a compromise in ballistic coefficient (BC) performance. Use the Berger Twist Rate Calculator to determine the twist rate that works best for your bullet selection at bergerbullets.com/twist-rate-calculator/